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Refinery29 x EWC #axthepinktax

Elisa Kreisinger, executive producer of Strong Opinions Loosely Held at Refinery29, led a candid conversation with brilliant women on “axing the pink tax” in tangent with Refinery29 and European Wax Center. The pink tax is the extra money women pay for everyday products, just for being a woman. This isn’t an insignificant number either. On average, women spend about $1,351 more on their products!

Our panelists included, Danielle Brooks (Grammy winner, Tony nominated for 'The Color Purple' and star in the Emmy nominated, 'Orange is the New Black', and 'Master of None'), Claire Wasserman (a career coach and the founder of Ladies Get Paid, an organization that provides education and community to help women level up their careers, and frequent writer for New York Times, American Express, and Dropbox), Mama Cax (a Haitian-American Blogger & Disability Advocate. She works with fashion brands, non profits and podcasts consulting on diversity & inclusion of people with disabilities, her message on body positivity has been featured in TeenVogue, Cosmopolitan, Essence Magazine), and Babba Rivera (an award-winning Brand Marketing Professional, founder of bybabba, a Brand Marketing Agency based in New York, and also the co-founder of HER Global Network, and in 2016 made the coveted Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list).


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'What Are You Afraid Of?' Death, commitment, sock puppets -- everyone's afraid of something. Laugh at your fears as host Mara Wilson takes you through comedian and performers' anxieties (and a few of her own). A monthly storytelling show with guests like, Judy Gold, Chris Gerhard, John Early, Kevin Allison, Joseph Fink, and more.

Mara Wilson is a writer, playwright, actor, and storyteller perhaps best known as the little girl from Mrs. DoubtfireMiracle on 34th Street, and Matilda. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, she regularly appears at live storytelling and comedy shows, including her own, What Are You Afraid Of?. Her writing can be found on JezebelThe ToastMcSweeney’s, the Daily Beast, and Cracked.com, and on her blog, MaraWilsonWritesStuff.com. A voice actor on the podcast Welcome to Night Vale, she will guest star on upcoming episodes of Broad City and BoJack Horseman. She lives in New York City.

Performances at Joe's Pub and Union Hall.
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Written by Adam Szymkowicz, music & additional lyrics by Adam Overett, directed by Andrew Neisler. Anna Lauren is listed as producer in the Samuel French published original production.

“Adam Szymkowicz’s script is unabashedly silly but also shrewd…The cast is more impressive still.” – Ken Jaworowski, New York Times Critics Pick

“…the team responsible…should be hired by everyone for everything all the time
immediately.” – Mary Notari, nytheatre.com


b y u i o o

Written and composed by Nate Weida, directed by Andrew Neisler, presented in association with Judson Arts

"I loved every semi-nonsensical minute…The music itself was wonderful and would easily stand against just about anything appearing in Times Square right now…A truly enjoyable night…I may want to see it again.” – Marti Sichel,